Our Training Program

Training at Susan Artes Stables

Susan Artes Stables is a Los Angeles based show jumping training program.

Head trainer Susan Artes and her partner Max Dolger are recognized as top level Grand Prix show jumping riders and trainers. They have both competed internationally in the Grand Prix, and successfully brought many young horses along to Grand Prix level, both for themselves and their students.

Accepting a select number of competition-oriented students, Susan also trains and competes horses for those owners who enjoy investing in show jumpers.

Max Dolger show jumping training

About Susan Artes

Susan Artes is an international Grand Prix rider with over 30 years of professional experience in show jumping.  She brings that expertise to her training program, as well as to her horses and clientele.  Susan is recognized for her passion for excellence and her ability to recognize and develop young talent in both horses and riders.

Susan Artes show jumping training
Susan Artes Stables Grand Prix show jumping training
Susan Artes Stables Grand Prix jump rider and trainer