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     Our goal at Susan Artes Stables, we strive to create strong, healthy, and obedient horses that respond to light aids from their riders. We specialize in bringing young horses along from starting them under saddle to competing in the grand prix ring. In our riding program, our aim is to pass on a method of riding to our students that includes elements of the German and classic American styles.

     Horsemanship as an important aspect of our program. In the saddle, we use various exercises to improve basics, such as riding without stirrups and jumping gymnastics to improve balance. We teach our riders to think through their courses independently, make a plan, and stick to it.

     Out of the saddle, students are encouraged to learn every aspect of working with horses, from proper care such as bandaging legs and working with the veterinarian, to understanding a bit about shoeing, medication, and even clipping techniques. We ask riders to take the sport seriously and dress appropriately with clean boots, helmet, equipment, and horses.

     To us, riding is more than just being on the back of the horse. It is our hope that by going through our program, you will become a true horseman. Whether you just want to compete as a junior or amateur or hope to become a professional, you will get the tools you need at Susan Artes Stables.

     We offer group and private lessons and cater to all levels of rider. Thanks to our staff, even when we are traveling to horse shows, horses left at home receive the highest quality care and continue their training. Contact us today to see how you can become part of our program.
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